mercredi 25 février 2009

The Day I Was Close To Have Another Cat (than Frida) In My Life

Yes, we exchange some notes on doors too sometimes. Between neighbours, that's the rule to follow. Is it polite to knock on a door at 10:30 PM ?
At the foot of my neighbour's door, I found a cat.
A cool striped cat with blue eyes, and this smart attitude I like with cats.
He followed me and seemed really comfortable in my home.
I called my sister, the Brigitte Bardot of Rive Gauche (who is hard defender of animal cause now) and she said to me:

- Keep him tonight, feed him (I had no can because I have no cat usually)(ah if I had Tiffany as neighbour) and put a note on the main door of the building.

I wrote my note, and when I was done with it, I thought that I didn't want anybody comes to my home to pick the cat. This cat was mine now. I felt happy, and for the first time, I had to take care about somebody (for the second time to be exact).
I was imagining I could teach some great stuffs to my new cat (I found a new name in three minutes for him, Tony Le Chat - in fact he was a girl), drive a vespa, play tennis and paint with his tail.

Tony le Chat meowed, I openned the door cause I thought he/she wanted to pee. He ran to the foot of the same door and the door openned. My neighbour with his dwarf beard and yellow teeth saw my note and me, and said:

- It's my cat.

His answer was like a punishment for us, exactly if he had kept the balls for the tennis match, burned the vespa and cut the tail of Tony.

My neighbour added:

- She was punished. She was meowing so loud so I put her outside.

That was I was saying, Tony and me were punished.

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