vendredi 5 décembre 2008

Goldfish hand

There are some mornings you wake up, then you take a shower (hope more than "some").
And because of the so cold weather outside, your hands are dry and you put some cream on it. Ok, it could be only a story of hand-creaming but you notice the shape of a little fish. That's what we call "un petit rien" in French, something which makes you smile. As this book from this French author, Philippe Delerm, "La première gorgée de bière" which talks about the little pleasures in the Life.
And Tiffany will notice also her manucure is still perfect three weeks after I left her home.
Whatever, let's make a contest of hand-cream aquarium drawings for winter. And if you have the result of a wale, it means you put too much cream!

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