samedi 31 janvier 2009

Paris Ou La Belle Vie

Feet are like sunflowers, they look for warmness.
Mine are really cool now, but I know some feet, faraway, who should get such a good treatment.
There is no bad feet, smelly feet or dry feet neither. All feet can be rescued!

vendredi 23 janvier 2009

EVEry FrencH GUy CaN DO ThAT Ah aH !!

Small Apartment

You talk to me about a small apartment. And my dad says you have to maintain some sense of mystery. I can't help it that the bathroom is in the kitchen is in the living room is in the bedroom. I think it means I love you.

mercredi 21 janvier 2009

How I Also Saw You This Morning

As somebody blessed by the early sun.
And beloved by my eyes.

Ca va être une belle journée.

jeudi 15 janvier 2009

Ce Matin

Ce matin,
I saw Paris by Your eyes.
But with My heart.

I lend you my eyes when you want,
And you give me your hand to write something more interresting than this, okay?

Good deal isn't it?

vendredi 9 janvier 2009

Another thing we agree on

It's a solid foundation for a relationship: degree of crispiness.

(Image from Flickr--titled Wall of Bacon)

jeudi 8 janvier 2009

Address Book

I remember the addresses of the homes I have lived in. It's a little game my mom and I like to play together sometimes. "12172 Parkview Lane!" (no park in site) "634 Overhill Drive!" (we lived at the bottom of the hill) "427 Downing Street" (nothing funny to say about that one). She's better with numbers than I, and always wins at Yahtzee (and probably the address game too).

(images via Band of Outsiders)

If Bob Had Said It

mardi 6 janvier 2009

By Any Means Possible

(this could be the way I come to Paris)

(this could be the way you come to New York)

(this will be the one we ride in together)

Air fare is far too expensive, and I can't wait any longer to see you. Please consider these other options I have compiled here.
(Images via Life, JonasR)

samedi 3 janvier 2009

There Will Be Blood

A message from the "nameless" cat: she has contacted her lawyer.